Adoption Guidelines

Adopt an Animal

Adoption Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in saving a life by adopting a pet from Alaqua. Our unique, no-kill refuge has successfully found homes for tens of thousands of once abused, neglected, and homeless animals since our inception in 2007.

Our passion is matching the perfect pet with new, loving owners, and we take pride providing you full-service adoption services. It would be our privilege to help you find a puppy, dog, cat, kitten, horse, or other animal that suits your needs.

Our knowledgeable hands-on staff is familiar with each of our rescue animals and will be glad to answer any questions you might have. Looking for a cat-friendly dog, a laid-back kitten or a horse with a lot of personality? We can help.


The following criteria must be met when applying to adopt an animal.
The information you provide will be held in the utmost of confidence, and will only be used for the adoption process. Approved applications will be kept on file for 30 days from the date of approval. Applications will be processed in the order they are received. Incomplete applications or applications that do not meet our minimum criteria will not be processed until all omissions are remedied. 

  • Applicants are required to visit Alaqua and meet the animal they wish to adopt. Please schedule your “meet and greet” appointment with our adoption team by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at 850-880-6399.
  • Be at least 21 years of age. If not, your parent or guardian must submit this form as the primary adopter who will assume the responsibility and liability for the pet.
  • Have the consent of all adults living in the household.
  • Provide a veterinary reference or proof of current vaccines for any pets and/or any pets you have had in the past 3 years. (Dog adoptions require proof of annual heartworm testing and proof of monthly prevention.)
  • All current animals in your home must be spayed or neutered.
  • Own your own home, or have the landlord’s consent to have a pet.
  • A copy of your Driver’s License or Picture I.D. will be required at the time of the adoption. If you rent, you may be required to present a copy of your lease.
  • Once approved, you will have 48 hours in which to pick up your pet. (If you are unable to pick the pet up within 48 hours, an additional boarding fee of $25 per day will be applied and will be applied to a credit card which you will provide at the time of approval. The pet will only be held until the weekend following your approval. After that time it will be returned to the adoptable pool of animals.)
  • We do allow out-of-area adoptions. However, we require the adopters to visit Alaqua to meet the pet and take him/her home. If, on arrival, the pet is not a good match for the adopter, the adopter may choose from our other available pets.

(Note: Completion of this application does not guarantee the adoption of an animal in our care or that the animal will be held. Transportation of the animal after adoption is the responsibility of the adopter.) 


  • Dog:        $150.00
    For dogs, six months and older, fees include heartworm preventative, flea preventative, preventative worming and vaccinations, spay/neuter procedure, and microchip.
  • Puppy:   $200.00 
    For puppies, under six months, fees include preventative worming, spay/neuter procedure, and microchip.
  • Cat:   $Waived on cats over 6 months of age
    (Waived fees are from a donor funded program) 
    For cats, six months or older, fees include Felv/Fiv snap test, vaccinations, spay/neuter procedure, and microchip.
  • Kitten:   $125.00
    For kittens, under six months, fees include Felv/Fiv snap test, vaccinations, spay/neuter procedure, and microchip.
  • Other Animals:  $Varies per animal
    All animals will be microchipped.


1.  Visit Alaqua.
If you haven’t yet seen it, you will be pleasantly surprised. You will be able to interact with the animals in a stress-free environment, unlike a traditional kennel.
*Due to current COVID-19 precautions, Alaqua is closed for public visitation and tours. We are, however, conducting scheduled “Meet and Greet” appointments with potential adopters and the animal they wish to adopt. During this time, please start with Step #2 below.

2.  Click on Find Your Pet.
Once you choose an animal, you will be directed to fill out an application. You may indicate your interest in more than one animal by listing their names in the space provided within the application.

3.  Complete an Application Online.
Once you have found the perfect new companion, complete the application online. Be sure to fill in all fields and after submission, scroll down to confirm the form was submitted. You will see a confirmation message.

4.  Approved Application.
Once your application is approved, we will contact you to schedule your “Meet and Greet” adoption appointment.

5.  Join our Family of Adopters
Once you have joined our special family of Alaqua pet owners, we hope you will keep in touch—we love pictures and stories! We hope you will also please tell others about the joy of rescuing an animal in need. And finally, consider becoming an Alaqua Animal Refuge volunteer or a donor. Your support will help us continue our mission to save the lives of countless animals and allow us to continue making meaningful matches.