Rehome a Pet


Rehoming Your Pet

At any given time, Alaqua provides respite and care to hundreds of animals. As such, we receive a tremendous amount of requests daily to accept animals in need of a home, and our primary goal is to help as many as we possibly can.

Because of this, we have to prioritize our intake of animals in different ways. Our facilities are often at capacity almost 100% of the time because of animal cruelty and neglect situations, and special requests for assistance from neighboring shelters in need. We do accept animals from owner surrenders on a space-available basis and for special circumstances.

Courtesy Listing

For pet owners seeking help in finding their animal a new home, Alaqua offers a Courtesy Listing on our Community Pets in Need page. Anyone visiting Alaqua’s website will be able to see the animals listed on this page and if they are interested in your pet, they will be able to contact you directly. Please note that Alaqua does not facilitate these adoptions. Should you be contacted by someone interested in your animal, make sure you interview them to determine if they are the best match for your pet and its needs, including the living environment, other pets or children in the home, or other pertinent information.

To Responsibly Rehome Your Pet

To responsibly rehome your animal, please fill out the form below and provide as much information as possible about the animal including a good photo and its medical history. Collection of this information is important to help find the best new home situation for your pet. The information you provide will be uploaded to Alaqua’s Community Pets in Need page and will be viewed by people who are looking to add pets to their homes.

Once you complete the form, your listing will be posted on our website usually within 48 hours. The listing will stay on our site for 45 days. If your pet is adopted you can contact us to remove the posting sooner. If space becomes available at Alaqua to accept your pet, we will contact you.

We recommend including as much information as possible for your listing, including:

  • Training (House-trained, basic commands, leash walking, etc.)
  • Temperament (prey-drive, energy level, personality)
  • Good with cats? Good with dogs? Good with children? Fear of men or women?
  • All the great things about your animal

Rehome Form