Host an Event

Host an Event or Fundraiser

Thank you for your kind interest in supporting Alaqua Animal Refuge by hosting a fundraiser or event on our behalf. To better assist us with learning about you, your organization, and event, please fill out the following form and submit to us. We will respond promptly and let you know if you if we can make it work!

All events must be scheduled at least one month in advance. Approval is necessary before moving forward, and outside events are the responsibility of the host—so you are in charge! We operate the Refuge with a small staff and a dedicated group of volunteers that are much needed for the daily care of our animals. While we’d love to attend all events, we have to be selective and participate in those events that will give us the most exposure and fundraising potential while also being mindful of our volunteers’ time. Therefore, we cannot guarantee volunteers or animals for events due to limited resources at the Refuge.

There are lots of fundraisers that individuals or groups have hosted on their own such as corporate luncheons, school fundraisers, bake sales, or donating a percentage of your business’ profits for the day or week that have been super successful! We are happy to provide you with our logo if you’d like to make some signs for your event and we can also post it on our online calendar. Requests are subject to approval by Alaqua Animal Refuge, and are only guaranteed with receipt of Approval Letter and Contract between both parties. Donation checks are requested 4 weeks after the fundraiser is completed.

Event Application Form