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Be Part of Something Magnificent!

What an exciting time for Alaqua Animal Refuge! With each day, we are getting closer to opening and being fully relocated to our new one-of-a-kind facility on 100 beautiful and serene acres. Buildings are continually being constructed and we are slowly moving animals over to their new shelter and sanctuary.

It is a time of growth and elation! Our entire family of staff, volunteers, board members, and donors are re-energized about our future as we continue to develop a new kind of animal welfare park and educational sanctuary to inspire and transform lives — for both the animals and the people that love them.

If you are looking to work alongside like-minded animal lovers in support of Alaqua’s mission, we have a number of new job opportunities for you! We invite you to learn more about becoming part of our team of passionate animal advocates and be part of something magnificent!

Second chances truly start here! 

The role of Alaqua’s Veterinarian is to provide high-quality medical care to animals in need, as well as be a crucial link to their overall wellbeing and path to a better life. You will be responsible for diagnosing and treating a variety of medical conditions, as well as executing and directing medical operations and sound veterinary medical practices for the humane treatment of all animals.
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Animal Care Technician
The role of the Animal Care Technician (ACT) is to provide shelter, safety, and second chances to animals in need. A successful ACT conducts proper care of the animals’ physical and emotional needs enabling them to feel safe, heal, and connect with empathetic humans while awaiting for their forever home.
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Bird Zone Animal Care Technician
The Bird Zone Animal Care Technician is responsible for assuring the animals are given a second  chance at life by showing compassion and proper care to both their physical and emotional needs in order for them to heal from their experiences, be adopted, and have a loving future.
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Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern
Have you always had an interest in wildlife? Do you stay up late at night anxious about habitat destruction and wonder what you can do to help the animals affected by it? Have you wanted to work hands on with wild animals, but zoos just aren’t your thing? If so, Wildlife Rehabilitation may be the field for you! Come find out with Alaqua Animal Refuge Wildlife Rehabilitation Center’s Internship Program. We opened our doors in the Fall of 2021, so interns will get to experience all aspects of our work, including but not limited to, rescues, baby rearing, triage, enrichment, lab work, administering medications, wound management, diet prep/feeding, answering wildlife related calls, cleaning habitats/enclosures, releases, and care of our resident mammals.
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