Farm Animals

Adopt an Animal

Adopt a Farm Animal

If this is your first farm animal, please take the time to research very carefully what it takes to keep one as a pet. Training is important with some farm animals as they can learn to be obnoxious as well as friendly and cooperative.

You should also know that sometimes farm animals will bond very solidly with a loving and kind caretaker. They will grieve if something happens and the caretaker can no longer care for the animal and has to let him or her go.

We want to do all we can to ensure that our animals go to homes where lifetime companionship and care is the desire and goal. We strongly encourage only those who own their own property to apply. It may be find to have an animal at a particular rental house, but then if a move is necessary, it may be difficult to find a new place where it is okay to have one.

You will notice that the adoption application has many questions about the routine care of a farm animal. This is not meant to be a test of any sort; we simply want to encourage you to think ahead about all aspects of care. We feel that it is important for you to be an active participant in the life, training and health care of your farm animal.

Our goal is to find the best possible homes for our animals. Your accurate responses will also help us to match you with an animal who meets your requirements.

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