Difference Makers Giving Circle

We invite you to join us today!

Shelter | $1,000
Safety | $5,000
Second Chances |
Ambassador | $25,000

Difference Makers
A Purposeful Giving Circle 

Founding Purpose
For over 15 years, Alaqua Animal Refuge has remained true to its founding purpose that every abused, neglected, and homeless animal deserves a second chance. 

Since our inception, we have placed tens of thousands of domestic animals into loving homes; rehabilitated and released thousands of wounded native wildlife; helped numerous individuals experience the healing power that animals have on their mental health and well-being; and have been a leading voice to combat animal cruelty. 

However, our mission is not over…we must continue to grow and expand our capacity. 

Our New Endeavor
Our founding Difference Makers Giving Circle is comprised of a core group of our very best supporters, without whom any of the work we have done would be possible.

The Difference Makers Giving Circle is an annual, fully tax-deductible membership that will help form the financial backbone of our organization. With the goal of being close to entirely funded by the Difference Makers over the next 10 years, the Giving Circle maximizes Alaqua’s sustainability without having to rely on single, one-time donations. 

As a Difference Maker, your critical investment goes directly towards supporting Alaqua’s Animal Care & Adoptions; Animal Advocacy; and Community Programs / Education. It is also an opportunity to be an integral part of what our organization is doing, despite not being able to physically volunteer, foster a pet, or help in other ways. 

A Leading Force
Difference Makers’ efforts ensure that Alaqua is a leading force not only for pet rescue and rehabilitation, but also for preventing animal cruelty. Perhaps this makes us unique in that we are an organization striving for the day our services are, in fact, not needed at all. 

Until that day, we will continue to vigorously pursue growth and expansion of our capabilities to provide for more and more animals. Join us today as a founding member of the Difference Makers—signaling your commitment to our mission now, and into the future…for the love of animals.