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Alaqua Animal Refuge simply cannot survive without the support of the community and the volunteers that give their love and care to our facility seven days a week. Our refuge operates primarily on volunteer work and donations made by the big-hearted people that work so hard to support us. We have an opportunity for anyone who is willing to donate their time to helping us, from working closely with the animals to answering phones in the office. We appreciate any amount of time given to helping our organization run smoothly.

Why You Should Volunteer

For anyone with a passion for animals, volunteering with us at Alaqua is a truly rewarding experience. After all, that is what this organization was founded upon, a passion for helping animals in need. We, animal lovers, are special breeds of human beings and something as simple as taking one of our dogs on their daily walk or spending time in the pasture with one of our horses can bring an element of joy into your life that is irreplaceable. Our volunteers look forward to the time that they get to spend with the animals at our facility and they are passionate about providing the type of quality care that will help these animals to find their forever home.

Working with the animals isn’t the only way that you can help us. There are plenty of other opportunities available. There is always room for help in our office with answering phone calls, sorting through paperwork and assisting with normal business operations. Another way to volunteer is to lend a helping hand at our fundraising events that happen throughout the year. Working at these events can often prove to be just as much fun as it is helpful to our organization.

How to Become a Volunteer

At Alaqua, we set high standards for not only our staff, but also our volunteers. We pride ourselves in being a home to one of the largest non-profit organization volunteer bases along the Emerald Coast. We seek out compassionate individuals that are compassionate about our mission here at Alaqua Animal Refuge. The first step to becoming a volunteer is to fill out an application here on our website to begin the process of selection. This application allows us to learn more about our potential volunteers and helps to determine where they would best fit in at our facility. We will review the applications and contact volunteer applicants within seven days.

We Love Our Volunteers

We cannot stress enough how much we appreciate the people who pour their hearts into volunteering for our organization. Alaqua simply could not succeed without the volunteers that are passionate about the work that they do for our facility. Our organization is primarily run on volunteer work, which is a big part of what has made the refuge so successful. We are a family at Alaqua Animal Refuge and we are always eager to find more helping hands that belong to individuals who share in our passion for animals and for helping this organization to succeed.

Minor Policy

Alaqua loves children, however, our policy is for our volunteers to be above the age of 12. We also want our minors to be safe, so if you fall between the ages of 12 and 18, we ask that you volunteer with adult supervision.

Fill out the form below and we’ll contact you within 48-72 hours; or email [email protected]; or call (850) 880-6399 for more information.

Upon submission and review of your application, your next step will be Volunteer Orientation!

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