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Laurie Hood’s Difference Makers Video Podcast Series
Alaqua Founder Laurie Hood Interviews Animal Protection “Difference Makers”

Watch the promo Laurie Hood’s Difference Makers podcast series, hosted by Alaqua Animal Refuge Founder Laurie Hood. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Laurie Hood’s Difference Makers Video Podcast Series spotlights animal animal advocates around the world who have dedicated themselves to animal protection and safety. By interviewing these amazing “difference makers,” and sharing their stories and videos of their work, we hope to rally all animal lovers to create much needed and lasting change.

The goal, through education and awareness, is to dramatically reduce the need for rescue and refuge. We hope that the programs, available online and in our new welcome center, will entertain, inform, inspire, and encourage support for this work. Exchanging stories and ideas with successful animal advocates will help lift all our organizations and projects.

Difference MakersVideo Podcast Episodes
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Filming Alaskan Sea Wolves in Brown Bear Country

Laurie Interviews Buck Wilde and Esther Gossweiler about living among Brown Bears while filming rare Alaskan Sea Wolves, and trade tales about staying safe while surrounded by dangerous animals and rescuing abused and neglected domestic animals.

Marty Irby, Animal Wellness Action Lobbyist

Animal Wellness Action Lobbyist, Marty Irby, talks to Laurie Hood about his wild ride from World Champion to outcast, to top-ten DC lobbyists, and shares his feelings about animal advocates, activists, and “whack-tivists.”

Ellie Phipps Price Saves Mustangs

Laurie Hood interviews Ellie Phipps Price, President of the American Wild Horse Campaign, at her Mustang Rescue Center Ranch, where they discuss what’s wrong and what can be fixed with the way wild Mustangs are unfairly treated, at taxpayer expense.

Monty Roberts Interview

Monty Roberts is a world-renown promoter of natural horsemanship training. His book “The Man Who Listens to Horses” has sold over six million copies. Laurie Hood encourages Monty to reflect on his lifetime of accomplishments promoting non-violence, what it’s like to chat with the Queen of England on a regular basis, and about having been a father figure to James Dean

Odessa Gunn Interview

Laurie Hood and Odessa Gunn, peers at Animal Wellness Action, and founders of animal refuges, share stories and focus on the Chinese wet market crisis.

Mustang Meg, Advocate & Photographer

Sonya Spaziani, a.k.a. “Mustang Meg”, Founder of Mustang Wild, gives host Laurie Hood her first view of wild Mustangs in the eastern Oregon, south Steen’s high desert. And Laurie interviews Sonya about her love of freedom after escaping communism as an infant, and her passion to maintain freedom for the iconic American wild Mustang herds she’s been tracking for decades.

Emma Clifford, Animal Balance Founder

From the Galapagos islands to Pablo Escobar’s Hippo farm in Columbia, Emma Clifford’s Animal Balance organization collaborates with communities in need to create sustainable and humane non-human animal management programs to prevent suffering and ignite social change.