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Saving Animal Lives

Alaqua Animal Refuge made great progress in 2020 to save even more animals and bring our region closer to where it needs to be, in the battle for better animal welfare. Enhanced education and more collaboration between agencies increased the number of animal lives saved.

Financial Statements and Independent Auditor’s Report

“The past year presented us with unprecedented challenges, both in our daily lives at home, as well as here at the refuge. Between the devastation of Hurricane Sally to our area, and our facility, a global pandemic and an economic downturn we had our plate full like non-profits everywhere. Despite these unique situations, our lifesaving work didn’t stop or even slow down. In fact, it sped up in new, creative and unexpected ways. And now, as we expand our operations to include a new, state of the art facility, we anticipate doing even more good for the community and continuing to work on improvement every single day.”

– Laurie Hood
Founder and President

Alaqua’s Financial Reports

Alaqua Animal Refuge is committed to organizational financial transparency. View our nonprofit financial information.