Santa Rosa County (FL) Rescue


Border Collies’ Owner Sacrifices Own Living Conditions in Favor of Animals

August 18, 2017 — There are some people who love animals so much that they will sacrifice their own living conditions to keep them. This was the case in Santa Rosa County, Florida where a lady had been living on her own with approximately 35 animals, consisting of 20 Border Collie dogs and 15 cats. The lady had fallen gravely ill and was not able to properly care for the animals. Regrettably, the sheer number of animals eventually began to overtake the home to the point where it was eventually uninhabitable.

That’s when Alaqua Animal Refuge stepped in to help. Reluctantly, the owner of the animals turned them over to Alaqua. “It was very difficult for someone in her position to relinquish her animals. They were the only family she had known, and some of them had been with her for a very long time,” stated Laurie Hood, Alaqua founder.

The location for the animal rescue was well over an hour and a half away from Alaqua. Therefore, we reached out to our rescue partners for help in trying to get these animals the care and attention they so desperately needed. Without hesitation, Save Underdogs, H.E.A.R.T. Animal Rescue, The Lucky Puppy, Saving with Soul Pet Rescue and CARE representatives all stepped up to assist. Santa Rosa County officials were also a key partner in this rescue operation, as their presence on-site made sure that the rescue went smoothly and helped Alaqua ensure that the animals were caught and brought to safety.

“This is the way it is supposed to be. So many like-minded groups all coming together to save the lives of animals. A special thanks to Santa Rosa County for their help. Northwest Florida is lucky to have so many caring individuals in our community.”

The animals were brought to Alaqua, where medical care was given immediately, ensuring that all animals were adequately evaluated, given proper treatment for fleas and other ailments. After the animals have been medically cleared and are ready to go to new homes, they will be available for adoption.

Because of the high number of mosquitos on the property, our medical staff anticipates that the dogs will likely be heart-worm positive. Unfortunately, the cost for these dogs to be ready for new forever homes will likely be approximately $1,000 per dog.

The cats in the home appeared to be very scared and possibly feral. Alaqua is in the process of searching for farms or barns that may want to take in barn cats, after they have been medically evaluated and altered. Interested parties can reach out to us at (850) 880-6399.

Any and all donations are helpful. “We urge the community to donate to the animals’ rescue and recovery, and to give also to the other groups who dropped everything to assist us get these animals to safety. Without their help, Alaqua could have not been able to lead such a smooth rescue,” Hood said.

Please consider making a gift below. All donations are helpful and we certainly could not do any of our important work without you and your compassion for these sweet animals.