Chihuahuas Rescued from Squalor Need Your Help

Chihuahua2Alaqua Animal Refuge assisted the Leon County Humane Society by taking in fourteen Chihuahuas from a large scale hoarding situation. The dogs, whose transport kennels actually shook from fear when they arrived, range from young puppies to pregnant females to older scared adults.

Officers on the scene said that these animals were so infested with fleas that they were actually crawling inside of their eyes. Shortly after their arrival and a good bath, they settled into comfortable beds and had the first of many restful nights.

Progression is slow, but very hopeful. These dogs have never touched the ground and the feeling of grass under their feet is a completely new experience for them. Our caring staff and volunteers are making sure that each experience from this point on is a step towards them being able to find their forever homes.

Please consider making a donation for the care of these dogs by clicking the button below.