Sadie and Her Puppies


Dog and Puppies Found Living in Crib Find Safety at Alaqua

When a family member visited the home of a man who died two weeks prior, they found the unimaginable. A frail female dog sat outside of an old baby crib that held six tiny puppies. Sadie, a Jack Russell Terrier/Border Collie mix, was without food or water and was in critical condition. The puppies, who were unable to get out of the crib, were in better shape because Sadie was able to get in to feed them.

Sadie’s rescuers reached out to Alaqua for help and the canine family traveled to Florida from Alabama. Upon arrival, it was evident that this was not the first time Sadie had suffered. Her jaw had been broken and healed on its own and there was evidence that she had been shot at close range in the head with a pellet gun.

Sadie and her puppies will never know pain and suffering again and are on the road to recovery.

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