For the Love of Animals

As we wrap up our 14th year of providing second chances to animals in need, we are full of gratitude for friends and supporters like you. Your continued advocacy and compassion for animals has helped us endure through another difficult year of challenges as a result of the pandemic, adversely affecting our operations and funding. Although these situations are beyond our control, we remain hopeful that 2022 will bring a degree of normality back to all of our lives, including our ability to fully relocate in the near future while we continue to provide shelter, safety, and second chances to animals in need.

We appreciate and thank you for your generosity…all for the love of animals.


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$ 25Feeds a dog or cat for one month

$ 50Provides enrichment (sensory or activity toy) for an animal for a month

$ 100Feeds a farm animal such as a goat or pig for one month

$ 150Funds behavioral training and socialization for an animal prior to adoption

$ 250Provides feed for a horse, cow, or other large animal for one month

$ 500Sponsors foster care and recovery for one animal in need of specialized assistance

$ 1,500Sponsors the intake and care of a litter of puppies or kittens 

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$ 50 — Purchases specialized medicine for an animal with infections, arthritis, or seizures

$ 150 Provides vaccinations, deworming, flea, medication, microchip, and spay/neuter services for one dog or cat

$ 250 Provides a heartworm treatment to save the life of one small dog

$ 500 Aids with supportive, critical care for one animal after a medical procedure

$ 1,500 Supports emergency animal surgery

$ 2,500 Funds a specialized procedure (X-Ray, MRI)

$ 5,000 Provides a life-saving, off-site specialty surgery for an animal with a severe, crippling injury

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$ 100 — Helps fund transport for an animal in need from an abandonment, hoarding, or cruelty situation

$ 500 Supports intake and treatment of animals that come to us from dire situations

$ 1,500 Supports our work with law enforcement to help build criminal cases for successful prosecution for animal cruelty or neglect

$ 2,500 Sponsors emergency kenneling setup to house overflow animals resulting from an average neglect case

$ 10,000 Funds major rescue operations including deployment of our rescue team, supplies, emergency kennel operations, urgent medical evaluations, and initial stabilization treatments

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$ 25 — Funds medication to treat an injured songbird

$ 50 Provides produce to feed patients for a week

$ 100 Provides care and treatment of an orphaned marsupial for four days

$ 150 Feeds baby gray squirrels for three months

$ 500 Supports care for an orphaned or injured owl or hawk

$ 1,000 Provides cost of stay for an injured pelican

$ 1,500 Repairs an average leg fracture of a juvenile deer

$ 2,500 Repairs a broken shell for one turtle or tortoise