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Jun 30, 2024

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I am so incredibly heartbroken to be reaching out as anyone who knows me knows that my dogs are my world. Unfortunately I am looking to rehome two of my dogs, Bindi and Buster. I have had Bindi for a year and Buster for five years. We have gone through immense life changes in the last few months. I went through a divorce and now live by myself, so I had to start a second job. I am gone 12+ hours out of the day, seven days a week. Buster has recently started getting aggressive with the other dogs. I've held off on rehoming them because I thought maybe he was just adjusting, but after the third incident happened in May, I decided it was best to rehome them. After trying to rehome them with no luck, last week a fourth incident happened with him and my other dog. My muscle in my right arm was punctured and my other dog is beat up. It’s just not fair to either of them anymore. He never had any issues at all until all the life changes and chaos started, but my other dog is continuously getting injured and Buster is continuously angry. (And this time, I was injured. I would put my dogs lives before mine any day, but I had to call out of work due to not being able to use my arm, and keeping up with the bills is already a big struggle for me due to everything that has happened this past year.) I try to separate them every time and end up getting hurt myself. Bindi has lots of energy and loves to play. I am so heartbroken to have to surrender them but our life is no longer fair for them and I don’t want them to be miserable anymore. I’ve kept them separated as best as possible but that entails having them outside in the Florida heat a lot of the time, which just isn’t fair to them either. Right now, Bindi and Buster are currently outside 24/7 so my other dog can heal and they don't get into any more fights.
Contact Name: Wini
Contact Phone: (814) 392-7066