Programs_IMG_6552The animals that come through Alaqua’s gates are not always in good health; many have been rescued from bad situations where they have been hurt, some have been found on the roadside after being struck by cars, and others are brought to our facility just in time to give birth to their own puppies or kittens. Alaqua is a haven, a safe place for animals to heal and grow before finding their forever homes, and with so many having hurtful pasts or having never received proper medical care before, the need for veterinary supplies and medical care is constant and ongoing.

Our talented and dedicated medical staff is not only highly trained in medical care, but also devoted to the welfare and happiness of the animals who come to Alaqua. Under the care of Dr. Amy Williams and staff, each animal that is brought to our shelter is thoroughly inspected and treated, and depending on the care, treatment plans are administered until the animal is of the utmost health and ready to leave for its new home. Every animal that is of age is either spayed or neutered to aid in the prevention of the growing overpopulation problem, and all are treated for parasites and other common ailments, including kennel cough and parvovirus.

Because every animal needs at least some level of medical care, the need for veterinary supplies is great, and a good portion of incoming funds to the facility go towards the purchase and upkeep of our medical supplies. Severely injured or sick animals that are brought in require much more attention and medical care, and while their stories are heartbreaking, their outlook is hopeful under the watchful and attentive focus of Alaqua’s medical staff.

Medicine and supplies for the care of Alaqua’s animals can become very expensive, and we are so appreciate of the financial support your donations provides to the ongoing routine healthcare and emergency medical situations that regularly occur at our shelter. Your donations help us to take the best care of these animals that we can, and your support continues to provide hope and wellbeing to each and every buddy that comes to our facility.