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Meet Winnie!

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Oct 12, 2023

Age: Adult Female
Winnie is a 2 year old lovable, cuddly, and low-energy mixed breed dog that we adopted from a rescue 1.5 years ago. We are looking to rehome her because she is reactive towards our other pets (1 other dog and 2 cats). We have taken her to obedience training, hired a behavioralist, and started her on medications for anxiety, however we have seen no improvement; in fact the behavior has only been getting worse and worse. We do not see any way to safely keep her in our home at this point for fear she might harm one of our other animals. She has never been allowed near our cats, but we believe she would attack them if she could. She got along well with our other dog up until about 4 months ago when she started snapping at him unprovoked. We have been able to pull her off of him without him sustaining any injuries, but we believe she would hurt him if we did not intervene. She is incredibly obedient and sweet with my wife and I and we think she would thrive in a home as an only dog with no kids.
Contact Name: Jeremy
Contact Phone: (321) 514-5615