Everyone Needs A Buddy

#EveryoneNeedsABuddy, and Alaqua Animal refuge is giving you the opportunity to highlight your buddy in a very special way.

To participate, just upload a 15-second video featuring you and your buddy(ies) to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, including #EveryoneNeedsABuddy at the end of your post. In your video, explain why “Everyone Needs A Buddy” or how your buddy has filled a special place in your life. At the end of the video, we ask that you pledge a donation to Alaqua’s mission in honor of your buddy and challenge five of your human friends to participate in the campaign as well.

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“We are excited to see and hear the unique stories of the owners and their buddies,” said Laurie Hood, Founder and owner of Alaqua Animal Refuge. “When I met new people and I tell them what I do, the first thing that they do is pull out their phones and show me their pets. Our new campaign will highlight these animals and hopefully bring awareness for our cause and our mission.”

Need help with the text? Try this out:

#EveryoneNeedsaBuddy, and I found mine! To help others find their buddies, I donated to @alaquaanimalrefuge, and I challenge NAME, NAME, NAME, NAME and NAME to share a 15-second video of their buddies and donate to Alaqua, too. Upload your video to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and donate here: You have three days to make your video and donate! #AlaquaAnimalRefuge

The best buddy videos will receive special recognition, and the biggest donations will have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy at Alaqua’s new facility.

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