Great Pyrenees Rescue

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From Rescue to Rehabilitation

July 27, 2017 —It has been one month and one day since the amazing rescue of 87 animals–the majority of which were Great Pyrenees dogs and puppies–as part of the most horrendous hoarding case we have ever seen.

It has been a long 32 days for these animals on their journey from being rescued to finding loving homes again. Many of the animals have made a complete turnaround which has been incredibly heartwarming to witness. These loving souls have learned how to go on walks, where the tail wagging says it all, and much more. They have also learned, once again, how to be loved and to love.

While many of these gentle giants have found permanent homes, many still have a long way to go in their rehabilitation and recovery from the horrible living conditions they endured.

A good number of the Great Pyrenees are being treated for medical issues due to severe ear infections, arthritis, malnourishment, dehydration, parasites, and anemia (from flea infestation). They are also still struggling with anxiety and fear. Some will not come out of their kennels or go on walks, although they are eating well.

Each day, Alaqua’s staff works diligently in helping with the dog’s rehabilitation and recovery efforts to lessen their fear of people and the human touch. Oftentimes, staff will sit with the dogs in their individual kennels, talk to them, and try to teach them trust.

Unique therapies such as Jin Shin Jyutsu has also been implemented to aid in their healing and to increase communication between the animals and people. We have also utilized programs to calm the dogs, such as children reading to them to get them used to soothing voices. But they still have a long way to go.

You Can Help Us in our Rehabilitation Efforts
Although there were many rescue organizations involved with this rescue, Alaqua was the lead and provided all of the onsite medical evaluations and treatments the day of the rescue. The expenses alone were quite enormous, as a rescue of this proportion is huge.

We are still in need of funding to cover these initial expenses, as well continue our work here at the Refuge for the animals still on property who need additional medical treatment and rehabilitation before we can place them into a new, loving homes.

Please consider making a gift below. All donations are helpful and we certainly could not do any of our important work without you and your compassion for these sweet animals.