Alaqua Animal Refuge Takes in 32 Dogs from Hoarding Case

Washington County Animal Control officers responded to an urgent case yesterday after a dog was taken to their office from a rural part of the county and was “nearly dead.”

When officers arrived on the property, they found dogs in various stages of neglect and several of them were in critical condition. Alaqua Animal Refuge was called to assist and the dogs arrived at the Refuge this afternoon.

“Photos of the property show classic signs of hoarding and neglect, with intact dogs breeding freely. The puppies who arrived at the Refuge were critical. One of them has already passed away and another one is showing signs of neurological issues,” said Laurie Hood, Alaqua Founder. “In addition, one of the dogs has already had to have a blood transfusion and is too weak to stand. It is absolutely heartbreaking.”

The outcome for this group of animals is yet to be determined and they all will require extensive medical care and rehabilitation. Alaqua, which is always at full capacity, is still caring for some of the dogs from Okaloosa County’s recent case involving Danny’s Doghouse, but has set up emergency kennels to assist Washington County.

“It is so important to step up and assist whenever we can. It is part of why I started the Refuge. These dogs deserve to have the chance for a better life and our team is amazing to give them that. If there’s a chance for them to heal, Alaqua can make that happen,” said Hood.

The daily work at Alaqua, including horrific hoarding situations such as this, could not be done without the support of our community. Please consider making a donation to help us care for these animals and their sweet little souls.