Injured or Sick Reptiles

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Injured or Sick Reptiles

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Signs of Injury:

  • One or more limbs appear to be pointing in wrong direction
  • Shell cracked
  • Fishing line or hook wrapped around or stuck in some part of the body
  • Has not moved for an extended period, and doesn’t move when approached

If you have found an injured reptile and feel comfortable handling it, place the animal inside a container such as a cardboard box or sturdy plastic. Be extremely cautious with snapping and soft-shell turtles as they both bite hard and can extend their neck more than half their body length.

DO NOT FEED and leave the reptile in a quiet / dark location until you are able to get it to Alaqua or the nearest rehabilitation center.


Alaqua can treat native snakes that are sick or injured. We recommend becoming familiar with the ability to identify venomous snakes in our area to ensure safe cohabitation. Out of 44 snake species that Florida contains, only six (6) are venomous. If you are unsure what kind of snake it is, do not attempt to handle it. Click here to help identify types of snakes. 

Alaqua does not remove nuisance wildlife. Please contact a local exclusion company if you feel unsafe.

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