Sunni’s Story

A Tale of Despair and Determination

The story of Sunni, an energetic two and a half year-old Yorkshire Terrier, is one of utter despair and incredible determination. Officials were called two months after Sunni’s owners threw her out of the house and abandoned her. It was reported that neighbors were tossing her food, but little else was done to care for or save her.

When an animal control officer arrived, they found her unable to use her back legs when she was attempting to come up the stairs and back into the empty house. Her feeble little legs were barely enough to support her small frame, and she was infested with ants and fleas.

Alaqua was contacted to help with Sunni’s situation, as she would need extensive testing and medical care. Specialists determined that her injury was one that could not be corrected with surgery, and that her legs would remain paralyzed, and she would need to use a wheelchair.

While we began to search for Sunni’s new “wheels,” the tenacity she showed in trying to walk and scoot around was amazing.

Sunni’s custom wheelchair recently arrived and it is quite a vision to see her go! Gently nicknamed “Hell on Wheels,” this determined dog never looks back. Her zest for life is contagious!

Sunni’s case is in need of sponsors to pay for her medical testing, care and everything it took to get her to this day. We are also looking for Sunni a new home and family who is willing to go the extra mile to care for a handicapped pet.

Please consider donating to Sunni. Alaqua’s important work touches many animals’ lives each day, and we could not do it without your support.
*The video above shows Sunni’s incredible determination and her progress while she’s been at Alaqua.