Our Work

Standing Up for Our Animal Friends

Alaqua's Laurie Hood fights for all animals

Being a voice for animals is an important overlay of our ongoing work, both regionally and nationally.

Legislation that Alaqua has advocated for includes the following:

  • The Manatee Protection Act, H.R. 4946, officially upgrading the West Indian Manatee from “threatened” to “endangered” under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)
  • National PACT Act prohibiting animal cruelty
  • Banning the declawing of cats
  • Preventing the hunt and poaching of the Florida Black Bear, and eliminating the shark fin trade in Florida
  • Emergency sheltering of persons with pets in an evacuation
  • Punishment for injury to police canines and equines
  • Florida pet store “preemption law” banning retail pet sales
  • Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act protecting panther habitats
Alaqua Animal Refuge supports Advocacy