Animal Care & Adoptions

Our Work

Caring For Our Animals

We care for a wide variety of animals, each requiring unique levels of care. The daily care of these animals is made possible by the wonderful staff and volunteers that dedicate their time and effort to our facility. We have certain funds and programs in place to ensure that the daily flow of operation is made possible.

Daily Care of the Animals

We keep an updated Wish List of items that can be donated in order to help us care for the animals at our facility on a daily basis. These donations are deeply appreciated by the staff and animals here at Alaqua being that there is a lot of hard work that goes into the daily care of over 200 animals. Learn more…

Special Needs Medical Fund

Many of the animals that come into our facility have pre-existing health conditions, injuries from abusive situations or are in need of surgeries. The care that some of these animals require can be quite extensive, ranging from around the clock supervision to multiple complicated surgeries. The Special Needs Medical Fund is what makes it possible for us to nurse these animals back to health. Learn more…